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Allegiant Air is a low-cost American airline belonging to a publicly traded company, Allegiant Travel Co in America. Operating both charter and scheduled flights, it has a work force of about 1,300 people. Headquartered in Nevada, near Las Vegas and with a market capitalization of one billion USD, Allegiant Air works with its affiliates to offer international vacation packages.

A Brief History

The airline was founded with the name WestJet Express in 1997. However, following a brand name disagreement with West Jet Air Center, the airline changed the name to Allegiant Air. The first domestic operations were chartered in 1998.
It was in October 1999 that Allegiant Air began the scheduled service between Las Vegas and Fresno, California, from the Fresno Yosemite International Airport. The aircraft in operation were DC-9-51 and DC-9-21. The airline also opened a hub in Long Beach, California, but was unable to generate adequate revenue to cover the running costs and filed for bankruptcy.
Maurice J. Gallagher, Jr joined the airline in June 2001 and soon became its President and Chief Executive Officer. It was he who worked with the airlines and is the man behind the transformation into its present form. He shifted the focus to the smaller market not served by the bigger airlines. The airline showed steady growth and expansion under his leadership.
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona was the fourth focus city in 2007 by Allegiant Air that connected the Phoenix metropolitan area to 13 destinations. The same year Allegiant disclosed its plans to set up its fifth focus city based at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Washington’s Bellingham International Airport became the sixth base of the airline in 2008 and Los Angeles International Airport became Allegiant’s seventh base.
In 2010, Allegiant Air announced Orlando International Airport became Allegiant’s to be its eighth base.

Allegian air deals and coupons

Allegiant Air Today

Allegiant Air was the only other major United States airline besides Southwest Airlines, to show profits in the first quarter of 2008, the year ridden by economic crisis due to oil. Today the airline has grown from just destinations to over 50 from Florida, Orlando, Las Vegas, Sanford, and St Petersburg. It also exercises authority for charter service to Canada and Mexico. Completely owned by Allegiant Travel, the airline operates to more than 70 destinations in America and now has over 1,300 employees. As it is a low-cost budget carrier, Allegiant works out many methods on how to minimize operating costs without compromising on the quality of the services. At some places you will find that this is the only airline that is working. Before you fly this airline, just remember to check out for any updated regulations on their website