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In the decade of 2000, one airline has set new standards in Indian aviation industry and that is none other than Spicejet Airlines. It is a one of the foremost low cost domestic airlines of India having its headquarters in New Delhi. Spicejet Airlines started in 2005 and has its objective to provide easy, economic and reliable flying to all of its passengers. Spicejet Airlines has secured its place amidst tough competitors by bringing in innovative technology in its infrastructure implemented with generous interiors to satiate the temperament of a passenger. Excelling in short and medium distance hauls, Spicejet uses its fleet with Boeing 737-800s and Boeing 737-900ERs, which are said to be technically sound and suitable for such distances.

At present, Spicejet Airlines are available in domestic sector of India with 19 aircrafts and provides online booking flights to 18 cities including the metros Bangalore , Chennai, Delhi , Mumbai and Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bagdogra, Hyderabad , Jaipur, Jammu , Coimbatore , Goa , Guwahati, Kochi , Pune, Srinagar , Varanasi and Vizag. Spicejet Airlines soon plan to go international in October 2010 by starting its first international flight from New Delhi to Kathmandu on 7 October with all inclusive one way fare of Rs3232. The price is very low as compared to other airlines those provide air tickets at Rs. 6005-Rs9488.

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It also plan to start an international flight from Chennai to Colombo at discounted fares on 9 October with one way fare of Rs1,882 compared with the existing fares of Rs3,138- 6,121 on this sector. The international flight would be flagged off with Boeing 737-800 aircraft having all economy 189-seat configurations.
Other economic airfares Spicejet Airlines stresses on safety of its passengers. Well trained Pilots, excellent engineers having in depth technical knowledge and capable crew are to be credited for the success Spicejet Airlines is savoring now. And not to forget that its online booking service is at its best.

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Using Coupons to Save Money: Tips for Making the Most of Clipping Coupons

Most consumers look for ways to save money while shopping. They shop sales and compare prices. However, fewer people effectively use one of the easiest money saving methods available. Coupons can be used for groceries, clothing, and even dining out to eat. While using an occasional discount will lead to savings, to gain the most savings customers must be smart about finding good deals.

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There are several different ideas on how to use paper discounts effectively. Learning about gaining free coupons, accessing online coupons, and getting freebies are only a few of the ways that smart customers make the most of saving money. Consider some of the following additional coupon tips to receive even more discounts.

Don’t Buy It Just Because There is a Coupon

An excellent deal such as freebies or items for pennies is worth getting even if the consumer plans to donate it at church or a charity bank. However, do not be tempted to purchase items that are normally not used or wanted just because there is money savings for them. Buying items for $3 or $4 each is not saving money, even if an additional coupon exists, when the need for the product is not there. Be certain that the deal is extremely good before buying food or personal products that normally would not be purchased.

Keep Coupons Organized

Clipping and printing coupons online is an excellent way to save on grocery bills. However, they only work when and if they are used. Unorganized paper discounts are difficult to locate and keep track of for shopping. After cutting paper savings, place them in an organized manner to keep until needed. Keeping coupons organized by type, store, and expiration date is an effective way to keep up with the possible savings.

Take All of the Coupons to the Store

It is important to take all of the ad savings to the store even if the intention of using them is not there. In many cases, products are on sale that are not advertised. Discontinued items and closeouts are not listed in ads. Having these discounts available and easily on hand when the consumer runs across an unexpected good deal is a wonderful opportunity to save more money. In other cases, shoppers discover that a product or item was left off of their list that may have a coupon.

Do Not Wait Until It Is Needed to Buy It

One method that frugal shoppers use to save money is to buy items ahead of time. Just as identified in a previous tip, purchasing larger quantities when an item is on sale will eventually save money. Consumers are more likely to pay higher prices and do less comparisons when they wait for a need to exist before buying a product. The immediate need leaves no room for waiting for a sale. When it is recognized that a product is needed in the near future, begin scanning ads and sale papers. Never wait until it is completely gone to replace it.

Promo codes and deals for Wonga

A new customer of Wonga can avail up to £400 for 30 days. However, existing customers may be in a position to borrow up to £1,000. But, it depends on their current trust rating. Applying for a short-term loan on their online portal is fairly simple. The best part about Wonga is that they tell you all the costs upfront and it’s clearly displayed on their site. Hence, you know exactly how much you need to repay inclusive of interest and other fees.
Their interest rate is 1% per day, transmission fee is £5.50, extension fee is £10.00, and late payment fee is £30. So for instance, if you were to apply for a loan of £150 for 18 days, your interest would be £27.99. Your total repayment amount would be £183.49 on the due date. On the due date your debit card will be charged or your bank account will be debited at 5:00 am. You’ll get a chance to fund your account by 5:00 pm on the due date; however, on failing to do so, you’ll be charged late fees. So, be sure to fill up your account on time on the due date.

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To be eligible to take a loan from Wonga, you need to be a UK resident, be more than 18 years, own a mobile phone, and also hold a bank account along with a debit card. If you fulfill all these requirements, then you can apply for a loan at Wonga.
Wonga also gives you an option of extending your due date or letting you request an additional credit before you repay them. So, for example, if your original loan amount was £200 and you borrowed an additional £50, your total repayment amount will increase but you’ll need to repay the amount on the agreed due date. On the other hand, if you choose to extend the number of days you’ve borrowed for, then you’ll be liable to make a partial payment of a certain amount that will cover your fees and the interest that you’ve accrued until that point.
Applying for a loan at Wonga can be done from anywhere you’re. You can access their website from your PC, laptop, and through their Android and Apple app. This gives you the convenience of applying for a Wonga loan from wherever you are, and at anytime as they are open 24/7. Wonga is quite fast to send the money too. If your loan is approved, they’ll send you the cash within five minutes, which usually takes up to 15 minutes to reflect in an account. This also depends on the banks and the time they take to process cash transfers.

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Best Printable McDonald’s Coupons-Food Discounts and Coupon Codes

Free Printable McDonald’s Coupons

If you are feeling the pinch this year and enjoy eating fast food, there are some great deals to be found online. Here are some examples of where to find the best free printable McDonald’s coupons to save on different items for the whole family to enjoy:

  • Retail Me Not – superb site for saving at McDonald’s and many other fast food establishments, free small french fries when purchase hot ‘n’ spicy McChicken at Western Washington establishments
  • iFastFoodCoupon – sign up to receive coupons for McDonald’s, KFC, Dairy Queen, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and many more outlets
  • 8Coupons.com – free printable coupons for small smoothie and buy one get one free on breakfast sandwiches, buy one snack wrap get second one free, $1 off frappe drink

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Food and Drink Discounts at McDonald’s Restaurants

In addition to the range of free printable MacDonald’s coupons listed above, there are many savings available from online sites for buying food for the whole family. Head to these websites to enjoy some of the best discounts on food and drink at McDonald’s restaurants:

  • My Voucher Codes UK – sign up to receive great discounts and vouchers direct to your inbox
  • Facebook – add McDonald’s as a friend and get updates on special offers
  • Check Sunday papers – many newspapers now include published coupons to cut out and save
  • McDonalds.com – regularly check for the latest information on promotions and new offers
  • ValPak – sign up for regular offers, vouchers and coupons sent to your email
  • iPhone app – download free McDonald’s app to get information on offers direct to your phone

Coupon Codes Save Money at Mickey D’s

Another simple and easy way to save money is to access coupon codes online to use on the net and the high street. Here are some examples of the best sites to get coupon codes to make great savings at Mickey D’s:

  • Retail Me Not – coupon codes to save money on fries, get free big macs, free sodas and free McChicken boxes, many more super deals and promotional codes added regularly
  • Coupon Mountain – receive the latest coupon codes to save money at Mickey D’s
  • Dealsplus – sign up to access coupon codes on a range of McDonald’s menu items

As highlighted above, eating out at family restaurants and fast food outlets can be made even cheaper with a range of McDonald’s coupons, discounts and coupon codes available. Save money on meals out and take-aways with promotional codes and special offers from these great websites!

Allegiant Air Deals and Coupons

Allegiant Air is a low-cost American airline belonging to a publicly traded company, Allegiant Travel Co in America. Operating both charter and scheduled flights, it has a work force of about 1,300 people. Headquartered in Nevada, near Las Vegas and with a market capitalization of one billion USD, Allegiant Air works with its affiliates to offer international vacation packages.

A Brief History

The airline was founded with the name WestJet Express in 1997. However, following a brand name disagreement with West Jet Air Center, the airline changed the name to Allegiant Air. The first domestic operations were chartered in 1998.
It was in October 1999 that Allegiant Air began the scheduled service between Las Vegas and Fresno, California, from the Fresno Yosemite International Airport. The aircraft in operation were DC-9-51 and DC-9-21. The airline also opened a hub in Long Beach, California, but was unable to generate adequate revenue to cover the running costs and filed for bankruptcy.
Maurice J. Gallagher, Jr joined the airline in June 2001 and soon became its President and Chief Executive Officer. It was he who worked with the airlines and is the man behind the transformation into its present form. He shifted the focus to the smaller market not served by the bigger airlines. The airline showed steady growth and expansion under his leadership.
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona was the fourth focus city in 2007 by Allegiant Air that connected the Phoenix metropolitan area to 13 destinations. The same year Allegiant disclosed its plans to set up its fifth focus city based at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Washington’s Bellingham International Airport became the sixth base of the airline in 2008 and Los Angeles International Airport became Allegiant’s seventh base.
In 2010, Allegiant Air announced Orlando International Airport became Allegiant’s to be its eighth base.

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Allegiant Air Today

Allegiant Air was the only other major United States airline besides Southwest Airlines, to show profits in the first quarter of 2008, the year ridden by economic crisis due to oil. Today the airline has grown from just destinations to over 50 from Florida, Orlando, Las Vegas, Sanford, and St Petersburg. It also exercises authority for charter service to Canada and Mexico. Completely owned by Allegiant Travel, the airline operates to more than 70 destinations in America and now has over 1,300 employees. As it is a low-cost budget carrier, Allegiant works out many methods on how to minimize operating costs without compromising on the quality of the services. At some places you will find that this is the only airline that is working. Before you fly this airline, just remember to check out for any updated regulations on their website